Wednesday, 28 May 2014

updates, makeup and letters

Ok, so I seem to always start my blogs the same way, trying desperatly to make you understand why I havnt been blogging much.
These excuses will not be made again, I promise, due, to the fact I have now finished my degree and in a few months I will hopefully be a how fancy is that!!!!
I am so happy to be able to devote all of my time to blogging now and talking about the things I have such a passion for. Hopefully, I will be starting a vlogging chanel within the next few weeks, once I have stolen my dads camera equipment. Bare with me guys, I am so so so nervous about doing this so lets hope its not shit  :)
So much has happened latley...(as does always in my life!) Like I said I have not only completed my degree, but I will soon be packing my bags..and when I say bags I mean one suitcase that has to fit 2 years of my life in. I will be leaving for Australia on the 28th of August and although, this is one of the biggest steps I think I will take in my life, I without a doubt think its going to be the greatest.

I will be living/working and travelling for 2 years around OZ, and hopefully, venture to Thailand if ofcourse my credit card allows me :)
Like iv said in previous posts I like change, and if you only have one chance in this life why not see it all ? I am certainly not the type of girl who wants to settle down and live a 9- 5 working job.
I cant understand why anyone wouldnt want to experiance what life has to offer ?!
I am so happy and proud that I have not only finished my degree but I have a lot more belief and confidence in myself that I never thought I would have. These three years have been the hardest but I have done so much and made some of the greatest friends.
OH how can I forget, I changed my hair...I am no longer white!

.......................enough with the update lets talk beauty

So theirs one thing iv been dying to try latley however, could not manage to pull out £70 of my own money, especially when im trying to save...(and fail miserably).
However, when my sister announced she was taking a detour to Las Vegas I knew I had to harrass her untill she bought me it!


Now is this a thing of beauty or not? 
I had my doubts about this little gem, not only have their been numerous bad reviews on sites and youtube videos, but iv heard its just not worth the money. With these doubts in mind, I still couldnt stop thinking about it :(
Yes the pigmentation is a little shoddy, but lets face it Mr Jacobs has provided a top notch array of neutral colours encased within the most beautiful and sleek casing.
The colours I feel can easily be found in a urban decay naked pallette, and yes the fall out is unbelivable! I mean jesus theirs more around the casing than on my fucking eyelid!
Although their seems to be a lot of downfalls with this product, I do really enjoy this pallete, its so quick easy and the shadows are so damn creamy!!!!

Now I have to express my love for the BYTERRY ombre blackstar in the colour misty rock!!!! This cost me £28 and it was deffinitly worth the investment although the price does not express that. The BYTERRY stick is a cream eyeshadow, its so easy to apply to the lid and the staying power is unreal. I find this is so easy if you want a quick look without too much effort.
I also invested in the ESTEE LAUDER double wear glow concealer as I have previously ran out of the YSL touch eclaut. This cost me around £25 and I find that the ESTEE LAUDER concelear is so much better than the YSL, due to the different colours that are available. I obviously choose the lightest as I am whiter than a ghost. It brightens and luminates under the eyes wich is perfect. It dosnt crease at all along with that it stays put all day. Along the same lines, I purhcased a cheaper alternative the LUMI magic by LOREAL for the days where I dont really want to wear my expensive make. So far soo good :) ! However, the colour just isnt light enough for me and it hardly 'luminates' wich sucks.

Now the LAURA MERCIER body souffle is something I have been eyeing up for a while now ever since I heard great reviews. I purchased the cream in 'creme brulle' and my god it smells amazing ! so sweet on the skin and so creamy to apply. I deffinitly reccomend you go smell it if your near a LM counter :) this stuff is pretty damn expensive like, so I dont think I will be purchasing any more any time soon.

aside from the beauty talk...I also ventured to wagamamas with my lovely friend to celeberate the end of uni life and exams, it had been too long <3

Now dont I have the best family in the world <3

OH iv started a new book (now that im not knee deep in journals).... 

Lindsey Kelk is such a great author, her books are so effortless to read and its like im travelling all over again....should check her out!!!

speak soon
x x x x x