Monday, 13 August 2012

a good change

isnt it strange how even when you can be in a room with about 100 people you can still feel quite lonely,  I honestly don't know what it is but I feel I need something new in life, new people to encourage and inspire me.

I'm finding things a challenge all the time and being away from home I learn to deal with things more effectively.

I feel everyone these days are only in it for themselves, whatever you say to someone, next thing you know the whole world knows. its difficult when trust lies in no one anymore, Iv met some awful people in my life and I really cant be bothered with people like that no more.

iv been told I'm 'quiet' but i guess its just because I cannot be bothered with people who don't care or are judgemental or basically don't give a shit about people, so if I don't talk to you that's why :)

I honestly want to get away from life just for a while and see what else is out their. Every now and then ill meet someone who will inspire me and ill really push myself in life to make a change.

I cannot stand people who look down on people, if its one thing iv learnt over this summer its to just be myself, I honestly don't care what people think. Iv grew up so much and if people want to talk behind my back then feel free, you still have a lot of growing up to do.

moving back to uni in a week couldn't come quick enough, iv had a great summer and I'm looking forward to the year ahead, no matter how hard it is i really just wanna concentrate on whats important and say yes to a lot more things this year. moving in with my lovely new flatmates will be a change yet again and i cannot wait to see what happens this year.

I want to get back to cheer leading and not being scared of certain things I wouldn't push myself to do before. My voluntary work will be a new exciting experience and ill still be plodding on serving the customers of sunderland coffee in Biz R.

its been a great year full of new friends and experiences and I think this is only the beginning of whats still to come

much love
  x x x x x x x x x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Im back/vintage plates

Its been a while since I last posted, life's been a bit crazy lately, a lot of things have changed and Iv made some decisions that have also caused change In my life.

I'm much happier in myself and feel this summer has really made me think about things and realise what I want in life.

Its strange how you can change and not even realise, then one day you want something completely different and a completely different lifestyle. until I have the money to move out of this crap town I live in, Ill just plod along and try make the best out of what I have.

Lately i haven't been buying much makeup products, iv been focusing my time on trying to use it all instead of adding to it. Iv also been purchasing new items for my new house/bedroom!!

For the first time in years i went to a car boot sale in search of some vintage plates for my new room. Each plate was either a pound or less which was pretty good.

A trip to Whitby was well worth it when I stumbled across this gorgeous vintage bag for £10 and scarf £10


 Urban decay eyeshadowMidnight cowgirl £14.00
 Kitten £12.00
Nyx soft matte lip cream-antwerp
Nyx jumbo pencil
 The only problem i have with the jumbo pencils is that when applied to the eyelid, they crease so easy and iv tried everything to prevent this from happening and so far iv not been to successful.

A busy week lies ahead, work and moving. I'm trying to keep on top of my blogs so hopefully ill be posting a lot more lately

much love
x x x x x x  x x x  x