Tuesday, 27 March 2012

It feels like summer

Legs out, sunglasses on, there's really nothing better than when the sun makes a rare appearance in the UK. Everyone and everything feels so much better when the weather is hot and the sun is shining.

 Me and my little family of flatmates decided to take a stroll to the park to take advantage of the beautiful weather, as it was our last week before we all broke up for the Easter holiday. It was a nice stress free day that i think we all needed.

Playsuit: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Lipstick: MAC-So Chaud

Sunday, 11 March 2012

An unusual day

4:30 am, is the time I had to wake up today! My two flatmates had previously auditioned to go on X Factor and got a call back for their second audition. So as I missed all the excitement from the previous day, i wanted to go and support them, and also have a little taste of it and see what the experience was like for myself.

I was very shocked to have been revealed to how much of a complete set up the show is. Me and 20 other people were approached in the crowd and asked if we could go outside to film. We were asked to stand in small groups and talk about why we were here, what we were singing etc etc. The woman had to literally stop every 5 minutes to then tell us what to talk about next and where and how to stand. It was shocking to know what we see on TV is all staged, kinda ruins the show for you a bit I think.

The experience was 'alright' due to the fact their were lots of ques and waiting around, and because I had gone for support it wasn't so much fun for me as i wasn't really taking part. My two friends successfully passed their second audition and then went on to perform in front of the camera and the producer for their third audition. I had already waited for about 3 hours on my own and was again having to wait for another 2, it was not fun, but listening to some of the acts was pretty entertaining to say the least.

I decided to then adventure around Newcastle as the waiting and my stomach was killing me. After getting lost numerous times when heading back to the train station, I felt quite sad that it had been a wasted journey and was then tempted to head off to the shopping centre, and yes of course i went straight to the MAC store!!!!! Were I'm currently living, we don't have a MAC counter in any of the stores, and therefore its literally like Christmas when i stumble upon one. 

So for a long time I've been thinking about purchasing a foundation however I kept putting it off as I feel being a student I often find myself lacking with my funds. However.......I asked the woman in the shop if she could match me up to a foundation, she matched me up with 'Studio Fix Fluid' in the colour NC15. As soon as she brushed this onto my face I was in love, I just had to dip into my very small but tempting funds. Whilst I was there I was admiring the lipsticks (as usual) and for holiday I really wanted a bright coraly pink, I was swatching a few on my hand and came across 'impassioned' the colour is a bright pink and would look perfect in the summer, so therefore I bought it for my ''holidays ;)'' however I will be sneakily using this before. I really wanted a matte finish as I am much more fond of that certain finish, however settled for the 'Amplified' finish which i believe has more colour pay off and a creamy texture, if I'm right ?

 I am now eying up a  MAC foundation brush, however their so expensive and may have to hold of for a while, but the finish of the foundation when applied to the face is so amazing!
If you know any other foundation brushes that are just as good please just comment below.
x x x

Friday, 9 March 2012

Le Silver Locks

My love ++ Inspiration (Agyness Deyn)
 So recently I've been approached at work, University and just generally asked questions about my hair since I've had it this colour. its nothing particularly spectacular, however I think many people find it quite unusual. I've always been inspired by the silver/white look for many years, and believe me it took many years to achieve. However I now know how to quickly turn hair silver, due to a bad experience i had a few months ago. 

I already had blonde hair, however I gradually started bleaching it more and more to achieve the colour I wanted, it really didn't seem to be resulting in the colour I had hoped, so I was advised on using 'blue shampoo' by my hairdresser. i went straight to Sallys, which is a shop that contains many products of which are used within salons.

I experimented with a few blue shampoos, however none seemed to be really working on my hair. I was recommended 'clynol' wich is about £10 and is absolutely amazing! the bottle says use it once a week but I'm that obsessed with silver hair that I just use it every time I shower oooops! it is a deep violet blue colour and believe me, it really does have an effect on the hair (..and hands). It literally stains a blue colour so if you want a blue shade then this is perfect.

However I became quite used to my hair colour and wanted a change (as always). This was a stupid idea, good at the time, but bad in the long run. I really wanted an auburn brown colour so dyed my silver locks, I had this colour for a few months, and yes I grew bored of this too, and wanted to gradually go back silver. This was the hardest challenge. My hairdresser warned me of the outcome if she put bleach on my colour, however I really didn't care I just wanted the silver back! My hair then practically all fell out as the bleach had dried every inch of my hair, I then had to get it cut really short, I literally could not wash or brush it as it was that dead! 

I was advised to let the bleach all grow out and start again however i couldn't wait, I really felt so upset with the fact I was practically bald. I think your hair makes your appearance, as a bad hair day can result in you feeling quite effortless and generally just crappy. So I waited till my roots were a few inches and then decided to dye it. My hair was then YELLOW! I literally wanted to cry, i was getting nowhere, and I was walking around feeling ugly all the time. I really thought nothing would fix it. I purchased a toner, which everyone advised me to use 'la riche directions toner' I purchased this in white and put it onto my roots when damp. I left it for about 20 minutes and I definitely noticed a change, i was very happy :)! I then just continued to use this and my blue shampoo and this is how i got to were i am now, and believe me I will not be changing my hair colour for a long time!!! 

  OH..... when my roots grow through I dye it myself, as I am now afraid of the hairdressers. I use an AMAZINGGG blue under-toned bleach called 'freeze ice lites'
Theirs the hair for ya

Hopefully this helped and answers many of the questions i receive!!!
p.s iv ordered more MAC lipsticks YAY, Debenhams are having 25% off! i am very excited to receive my lipsticks!!!

Monday, 5 March 2012

A new face


My very first post and i'm stuck for ideas. I guess that's not good, considering i'm wanting to write blogs. So i'll just start with why im here: recently i've been addicted to logging straight on to youtube and watching my favourite vloggers makeup tutorials and hauls; i think they're so inspiring and fun to watch. 

  I've often wanted to make my own vlogs but i hate the sound of my own voice; it always seems to sound so disgusting when listening to it back. So perhaps blogging is a much easier way to express my love of fasion and beauty.
Before we start, perhaps I should tell you that TOPSHOP and MAC are the two loves of my life. I cannot simply tell you how much i adore the two. If my budget allowed, I would buy all their products and live a happy life. Actually, i can't complain. My wardrobe is a TOPSHOP overload. There is barely another brand sitting in my wardrobe. I love how their clothes always change. I see TOPSHOP as a very current brand, at the centre of high street fashion. Fashion, for me is something that one can express themselves with. Your clothes are perhaps the first thing people notice about you. Wearing that new coat, or new pair of shoes really has a positive influence on the way you feel. Well, for me this is the case. I feel the same about MAC. They're a luxury brand, which sadly my student budget can not always stretch to. Okay, well that's not completely true, I do own 4 of their lipsticks. In the future I will blog about my next purchases from MAC.

After sitting with my 2 flatmates for the last hour, attempting to think of an inspiring name for my blog, I guess 'Forever Seeking Alice' has been born.
Photography is also a passion of mine, so expect lots of abstract and remind pictures!
So, until next time...