Friday, 25 January 2013

Saturday Inspiration - CHARLOTEE FREE


Charlotte Free


Fashion inspires everyone, so every Saturday I'm going to try and post a blog on what is currently inspiring me. I will be talking about fashion, beauty and people that are inspiring me and my style.
Hopefully some of you guys can tell me what you are currently loving.

Lately i stumbled across Charlotte Free...My god she is beautiful. I think her style is amazing and so unique, I absolutely love quirky unusual styles and she definitely expresses this.

I absolutely love watching this video

(I am so tempted to dye my hair pink!!!!!)

I love how she combines so many colours and experiments a lot with patterns and textures. I really feel her items of clothing pop out and really catch your eye. She always seems very expressionless, I love this as its really mysterious and I love that you cant tell what shes thinking.

She expresses so much through her style, her facial expressions and her body language. I love how mysterious and interesting she is. Even within interviews you can notice straight away that theirs something different about her.

Is it strange that I love the pale look? Most girls seem to fashion the fake tan, but to be honest I really hate it. I think looking pale is so attractive and pairing it with a bright red lip looks so glam. 

Love Love Love the image below, looks so enchanted and fairytale like with the butterflies surrounding her, almost making her look weightless and angelic.


speak soon my lovelys

bye byeee


Lipstick Collection


I am an absolute lover of lipsticks. I never used to be brave enough or have the confidence to pull off a bright lip or even lipstick, but I am now addicted and feel so bare when I don't have my red lippy on.

I started my collection around a year ago, and ever since it has grew massively. Iv spent way too much on MAC lipsticks but lets face it their absolutely amazing, they smell damn good and last all day. I constantly get asked at work what brand of lipstick I wear as it stays on after numerous cups of coffee, and yes it is generally MAC. 

MAC lipsticks are roughly £14.00 and range massively in colours.


LEFT TO RIGHT - Ruby woo/ Reel Sexy/ Fanfare/ Costa Chic
LEFT TO RIGHT- cut a caper/ Creme'dnude/Hue/So Chaud/DIVA/Impassioned

and my two every day colours.... Russian Red and Chilli

My YSL lipsticks around £25 each....absolutely love the packaging

Revlon - Number 7-Kate Moss

.......and now for lipgloss, however i dont particularly think i suit lipgloss so tend to stay away. I prefer much more matte textures.

NYX soft matte lip cream/ Collection cream puff (which is a dupe for the NYX)/ Natural collection /Revlon lip stain/ MAC lipglass in pink lemonade

Lipsticks i currently want:

MAC - Lady danger
MAC- Morange
MAC - angel

Thanks y'all

speak soon




I desperately needed a trip away from reality and to me theirs no better place to go than LONDONN!!!
I absolutely love everything about London, the shops, the fashion and the sights. I literally go to London about once every two months, I find it so cheap getting the megabus so I'm always booking up.
I tried not to spend so much this time but I had to treat myself to just a few items.

 Even though iv been to London numerous times theirs one little shop that iv never been able to find......'Choccywoccydoodah'

.... And then walking down Carnaby Street I spotted it!!!!!

I stumbled across a shop called 'Massimo Dutti' Id never heard of it before until my friend dragged me in. Everything seemed so expensive, however i spotted a jumper from across the shop which i feel in love with it, even holding it I could feel that it was good quality as it was really heavy. I got this beauty reduced from £90 to £17 !!!!!!!!! I cant wait to wear it, I bought some pants which will go with it so well.

 High waisted floral pants - £39

Speak again soon



Tuesday, 22 January 2013

1 bedroom in a shared house for rent

A beautifulm spacious room right near the city centre, only 10 minute walk to town and right next to the library and metro station.

All furniture included

Currently 3 girls living there all around the age of 20

£55 per week (bills not incluided) however verry cheap

please feel free to ring me or if you need to ask any questions 
call - 07449983747

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Zara Haul


So for weeks iv been deciding which Zara bag to purchase, iv been wanting a Zara bag for a while now however never really got round to searching for an exact bag. Since the zip on my topshop bag has broke I thought this is the perfect time to spend some money.

I went shopping with my mam to the metro and I knew they had a Zara store, so I had a feeling they would stock some bags in. However when I got their, there was literally no bags but the obvious one .... 'The Plaited Shopper Bag' which literally iv heard so much about. I had watched many you tube reviews on this bag as because it was so much money I wanted to know it was going to be worth it.

Zara shopper bag £80

In store the bag was really big and I fell in love with it immediately, however what really annoys me about this bag and please tell me if you have the same problem, but the bag inside doesn't attach very well to the sides of the bag, it is forever falling out which really annoys the crap out of me. 
Also what I think is a disadvantage of the bag is the long strap. The main reason i bought this bag was because i wanted to wear the long strap with it, however when a few things are in the bag the strap literally wont hold it and it scares me that it will snap.
The bag is very structured and perfect when I'm taking loads of books to the library as the buffalo leather is so strong and doesn't budge.
I'm not as in love with this bag as I thought I was going to be, which is very disappointing but I guess ill make do. 

I then bought the Zara basic bag, now i actually love this one so so much.

Zara - £40

 I love this bag!!!! HOWEVER the strap again doesn't look like it will hold well. SERIOUSLY, what is up with Zara bags!!!!! I think the colour is so pretty, its a dark red, slightly brown colour which I think goes really well with most outfits of mine. I also love the gold hardware as it adds character to the bag. I definitely prefer this bag to the shopper bag which I think most people will disagree haha.

I dont think I will be buying anymore bags anytime soon

speak soon

x x x x x x x

Michael Kors


Right its been to long bloggers, I have had a tough few months with university work and other life stresses but iv ignored you guys for far to long, I do apologise ;)

 Due to being stressed out, theirs only one thing that cheers me up and that's spending, I cant deny its not an addiction, but it definitely cheers me up.

First of all I'm going to mention the best thing in my life right now, seriously....

 Michael Kors - MK5128
£194 on Watch Shop however originally £230

I absolutely love love love this watch, its so beautiful and although I'm so happy when i look down at my watch i feel so guilty that i spent so much. I think that this watch is timeless and the colour is just so pretty, when the light catches it, it looks so glamorous.

I'm not one to 'fit in with the crowd' but this watch however really caught my eye, and really just makes any outfit look more spohisticated and classy.

As soon as you lift the watch out of the box you can feel straight away the quality as its heavy but not too heavy that its a pain to wear.

The watch itself was to big which I expected, so i had to have six links taken out, the watch now is literally tiny, damn my skinny wrists.

All i can say is if your thinking of purchasing this watch..DO IT!  its definitely something that you'll keep forever and although its pretty damn expensive, its worth it.

speak soon...and I promise I will this time......

x x x x x