Tuesday, 26 June 2012

HUGE HAUL: holiday /duty free /topshop sale

Iv been spending like theirs no tomorrow lately, but what the hell, we are all entitled to a little splurge and spoil every now and then ;)

Everything purchased was bought over a period of weeks, I dont think my bank would be able to cope if it was all at once.

Were to start...

my routine on pay day seems to be occurring a lot lately, a speed walk to TOPSHOP and a little trip to Boots, however today TOPSHOP had a sale, now that says it all. As soon as i walked in I spotted a few items i needed in my life.....
shorts - £12.00
Necklace - £6.00 reduced from £12.00          Earings - £2.00 reduced from £4.00

 Blouse - £18.00 reduced from £32.00

Its sad I know, but instead of looking forward to jetting off on my holidays, my excitement always lies in the duty free section in the airport. Iv been eyeing up the YSL rouge volupte lipsticks, the packaging is amazing, I feel so glamorous pulling it out of my purse, however this hasn't happened too often, as I dernt run out of this £24.00 lipstick, however in duty free it was roughly £19.00 so that put a bigger smile on my face. I have to say the rush of excitement after buying it felt good, so when that ran out I felt the need to purchase a YSL lip stain just to keep me extra happy.

When putting the lip stain to the test, after eating my burger king the lip stain had remained on my lips, that's all i could ask for to be honest.

Channel illusion d'ombre - emerveille
Champagne peach colour, doesn't crease and gives a lovely sparkle to the eyelid. I tend to wear this eyeshadow as an every day look, I feel it gives my eyes that little bit more appeal

Before holiday I was in search of the perfect tinted moisturiser, however I didn't want to pay much, that didn't seem to last long when a women almost pulled me onto a chair and started applying laura mercier products to my face. I instantly fell in love with the duey highlighted look it gave my skin and just to escape her I bought it. This tinted moisturiser is perfect for me, it gives great coverage and doesn't feel to cakey or heavy on the skin. In the hot weather it stayed on my skin great and helped cover the redness of my burns.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser- £33.00

YAYY i finally went to John Lewis and bought the Liz Earle cleanse & polish. its took a while yes but wow this stuff is amazing. Leaves my skin feeling so soft, clean and like i have just walked out of the spa. Leaving a lovely fresh after smell I definitely recommend this product and will be re purchasing it when I run out.


OPI Spiderman Collection - Just Spotted the Lizard £11.00

TOPSHOP Cream Blush - Head over Heels - £6.00

KORRES Lip Butter in MANGO
A tinted lip balm, very creamy and moisturising on the lips, leaving behind a very subtle peach colour

RING - £3.50

We have come to the end of the HUGE HAUL, im so happy with all my purchases and dont think ill be spending for a while now, let my bank rest.

x x x

Monday, 25 June 2012


Long time no speak...................
yes its been a while and in that time I have managed to jet off to Cyprus and move back home for the holidays.
I recently just got back from Paphos in Cyprus, had such an amazing holiday apart from my skin becoming almost fried and waking up the next morning with ' sun poisining' I had a pretty fun week.

From travelling to the capital of Cyprus (Nicosia) to scuba diving, the week was full of amazing things. I finally experienced the feet in the fish tank experiance haha I'm not to sure what its called, but all I can say is I was constantly laughing so much at the little fish tickling my toes, my feet felt so soft after being in the tank for 15 minutes. I definitely recommend it for dry feet as it really helps refreshen them. 

Yeah so my experience with the sun wasn't so fun, I have the palest skin in the world and so as soon as i am exposed to the sun I turn bright red and burn so easy, well ... me being me I decided to not put lotion on my face and woke up the next morning with a swollen face. I could barely recognise myself, it was awfull. I had to live like this for 3 days...too long if you ask me. After endlessly applying Aloe Vera to my face it eventually went back to normal.

On the final night we were lured into a Chinese restaurant by the brightly coloured fairy lights and authentic appearance.

Scuba diving was definitely an experience, however i cant particularly say i experienced it. After pulling on the wet suit and getting fitted up with the oxygen tank, only an hour later I was pulling it back off. The training was so difficult, i wouldn't say it was easy, as i kept panicking and not having the confidence, however Sean carried on without me and enjoyed a whole new world under sea that i can only see on photos on google.

Dress - TOPSHOP around £35
Glasses - TOPSHOP - £16.00
Necklace- Accesorize - £6.00
Headband - NEW LOOK - £5.00

Back to reality now, cold weather, early morning trips to work and zero money.
what a uplifting way to end the blog

until next time.....
 x x x

Sunday, 3 June 2012

a day in Fenwicks

So this past year I really feel I have been experimenting much more with makeup and becoming seriously addicted to it. Clothes have always been my main priority, however I'm starting think makeup is taking over. I never seem to run to TOPSHOP first, but to the MAC and high end makeup counters. I obviously cant afford much of the designer makeup, however every now and then I like to treat myself.... as we all do.  
A little sample from the CHANEL counter

MAC mineralize skinfinish - soft & gentle  £22.00

Pink Lemonade Lipglass  £13.00
Revlon Smoked Peach