Wednesday, 12 September 2012

all things new / london haul

Iv been a very busy bee lately bloggers.

Iv recently moved into my new pad for the start of my second year at uni. I love my room and I'm hoping this year is the start of something new.

Bunting and Cath Kidston cushions for an ebay seller. I think they add a great shabby chic look to my room.

Iv been allover the place the past week from many restaurants in Sunderland to shopping in London.

A friend of mine who I havnt seen in a while popped up from nowere, and ever since we have been hanging out. I feel I have done so much the past week, perfect end to the summer.

I'v been spending way to much as usual so no suprise their. I woke up today with a text telling me my dr martens were to be delivered  at 12! I ripped open my rather large package and was verry pleased with the contents.
I love things that are unique, and I'v never seen dr martens quite like this before
So after trying a pair on in London i searched the website for some and found these for £70 in sale!!!!

me and benson at Camden Market

London is deffinitly somewhere i could see myself living in the future, i absoloutly love it. everything about london intrests me and its deffinitly not boring.
Dress- TOPSHOP - £36
Hat- TOPSHOP- £25
Urban Outfitters - was £50  but in the sale for £20 so I HAD to buy

So a friend of mine at work suggested i go to Liberty as to my surprise they have a NARS counter!!
I know NARS is expensive but to be honest, when a counter is nowere near were you live you feel more tempted to purchase something...and thats exactly what I did.
 Nars - deep throat £22

Iv been wanting a new pair of VANS as my others have gone slightly old and messy wich isnt a bad thing but I guess I just like a change every now and then.
burgandy is such a great colour at the moment and everyone seems to be loving it so I purchased these They came with black laces, wich at first I wasnt so fond off, however I think they look quite cool now.

Its getting to the point in the blog post were I realise how much money iv spent haha oh dear.

I'v been using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for a while, and it really is the best foundation i have ever used. It matches my skin tone perfect and it lasts on the skin seriously for about 2 days. The only thing is on days were i want to look more natural and have something lighter on my face this foundation dosnt make it possible. However iv heard a lot of good things about Laura Mercier silk creme foundation so I thought id give it a go as its supposed to leave the skin very glowy and natural. It deffinitly does this but I can say it does not last long. it starts to crack on the skin and you can see it breaking up..not nice, therfore I wear this foundation when im just nipping out.

TOPSHOP shirt - £36

TOPSHOP blazer coat with faux fur detachable collar - £110

yes verry expensive :(

Headscarf - ASOS marketplace - £12

Iv bought so much more but I think that may have to be in anouther blog post soon  or else this will go on forever.

hope youv all had a good summer

much love
x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Monday, 13 August 2012

a good change

isnt it strange how even when you can be in a room with about 100 people you can still feel quite lonely,  I honestly don't know what it is but I feel I need something new in life, new people to encourage and inspire me.

I'm finding things a challenge all the time and being away from home I learn to deal with things more effectively.

I feel everyone these days are only in it for themselves, whatever you say to someone, next thing you know the whole world knows. its difficult when trust lies in no one anymore, Iv met some awful people in my life and I really cant be bothered with people like that no more.

iv been told I'm 'quiet' but i guess its just because I cannot be bothered with people who don't care or are judgemental or basically don't give a shit about people, so if I don't talk to you that's why :)

I honestly want to get away from life just for a while and see what else is out their. Every now and then ill meet someone who will inspire me and ill really push myself in life to make a change.

I cannot stand people who look down on people, if its one thing iv learnt over this summer its to just be myself, I honestly don't care what people think. Iv grew up so much and if people want to talk behind my back then feel free, you still have a lot of growing up to do.

moving back to uni in a week couldn't come quick enough, iv had a great summer and I'm looking forward to the year ahead, no matter how hard it is i really just wanna concentrate on whats important and say yes to a lot more things this year. moving in with my lovely new flatmates will be a change yet again and i cannot wait to see what happens this year.

I want to get back to cheer leading and not being scared of certain things I wouldn't push myself to do before. My voluntary work will be a new exciting experience and ill still be plodding on serving the customers of sunderland coffee in Biz R.

its been a great year full of new friends and experiences and I think this is only the beginning of whats still to come

much love
  x x x x x x x x x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Im back/vintage plates

Its been a while since I last posted, life's been a bit crazy lately, a lot of things have changed and Iv made some decisions that have also caused change In my life.

I'm much happier in myself and feel this summer has really made me think about things and realise what I want in life.

Its strange how you can change and not even realise, then one day you want something completely different and a completely different lifestyle. until I have the money to move out of this crap town I live in, Ill just plod along and try make the best out of what I have.

Lately i haven't been buying much makeup products, iv been focusing my time on trying to use it all instead of adding to it. Iv also been purchasing new items for my new house/bedroom!!

For the first time in years i went to a car boot sale in search of some vintage plates for my new room. Each plate was either a pound or less which was pretty good.

A trip to Whitby was well worth it when I stumbled across this gorgeous vintage bag for £10 and scarf £10


 Urban decay eyeshadowMidnight cowgirl £14.00
 Kitten £12.00
Nyx soft matte lip cream-antwerp
Nyx jumbo pencil
 The only problem i have with the jumbo pencils is that when applied to the eyelid, they crease so easy and iv tried everything to prevent this from happening and so far iv not been to successful.

A busy week lies ahead, work and moving. I'm trying to keep on top of my blogs so hopefully ill be posting a lot more lately

much love
x x x x x x  x x x  x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

NEW: Revlon kissable balm stain + Photoready Cream Blush

After giving up my hope of ever finding the Photoready cream blush in the UK, I was in boots today, and when walking past the Revlon stand I had to take a second glance. I was in shock, not only was the new cream blushers out, but the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain (..and breath) was their in every shade! 

A lot of makeup company's have taken inspiration from the chubby sticks by clinique, however the chubby sticks are very sheer and more of a gloss,  the Revlon balm stains on the other hand are very pigmented and in a different league.

The cream blush in '100  pinched' is a peachy natural colour, giving a nice flush on the cheeks without it looking too much.

The balm stain I have to say is a new favourite of mine, I didn't expect it to be so pigmented but when applied it really stands out, and leaves a fresh mint taste on the lips which is a bonus. The colour is very buildable as shown in the picture above, I swatched lightly on my hand and even then the colour was strong, after a few layers it became a lot heavier in colour.
The texture is very different to the lip products that I own, its glossy and very moisturising at the same time without it being sticky on the lips.
I would definitely mistake this for a chubby stick, as the packaging is practically identical, with very similar colours and style.
Overall I'm very pleased with Revlons new products and I will be purchasing a lot more colours in the balm stain, as their so easy to apply and feel comfortable on the lips.

Go and check the Revlon stand next time your out shopping and if you have enough pennies, then I recommend you buy one.

x x x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Nail Polish Collection

I dont particularly have a large amount of nail varnish, due to the fact that I work pretty much all the time and because of working with food etc nail varnish isnt allowed to be worn. Therfore when I do get to wear nail varnish, its literally for a day and then the remover makes an appearance.

My favourite brand of nail varnish has got to be O.P.I, however my collection is small, because of work I dont want to spend £11.00 on a nail varnish I wont wear much. £11.00 is pretty shocking for a nail varnish I must say, especially when it FLAKES OFF! yes thats right I purhcased my first ever O.P.I a while back now and was verry dissapointed in the quality of it. If im going to pay a lot for my nail varnishes I like them to be unique and different and to not chip! . ' I LILLY LOVE YOU' a pink glittery polish that instantly stood out to me, and was amazing on the nails, however within a few hours it would peel off, so that was verry dissapointing, and to be honest put me off buying O.P.I. Untill last christmas I purchased a mini bottle, it was duo chrome and lasted ages on my nails and therfore I purhcased ' JUST SPOTTED THE LIZARD' whilst on holiday wich I absoloutly love, infact it was my boyfriend that persuaded me to buy it.

 ' I Lilly Love You, Just Spotter The Lizard and at the front I have no idea its name as the sticker peeled off.

 Every girl I believe owns a BarryM nail varnish, if its not due to the wide range of colours then its down the quality and price. I believe the price is about £2.99 and a nail varnish this cheap you have to think it would chip, well i think everyone would agree that every nail varnish chips no matter what it reads on the lable, but the thing with BarryM is that it dosnt tend to chip untill a couple of days of wear, wich I can handle to be honest, as who wears a nail varnish for longer than a few days, a switch up is always good or else they tend to just look nasty!
Deffinitly a thumbs up for our trusty BarryM

 Like I said, when I come across a brand that costs a bit more than the average nail varnish then I like to purchase one thats slightly more unique and catches my eye, and this deffinitly does the job. I love how its so sparkly and glittery. The women in the shop (American Apparel) recommended it and said it was her favourite and now its became mine. This nail polish stays on, and I mean stays on! 10 minutes before work when I realised I hadnt taken it off, I grabbed my remover and was scrubbing this off for ages untill my fingers/nails were sore. So if your looking to purchase a glitter polish that will not come of then this is your best buy!

 American Apparel - £7.99

I only have one ESSIE nail polish in my collection, but I will deffinilty be purhcashing a lot more when I next bump into an ESSIE stand. The creamy glossy look it gives on the nails is so nice and I picked a neutral pale colour that would look nice day to day. This lasts a long time on the nails without chipping wich is always a bonus, and I feel the quality is just amazing. At a price of around £7.99 i feel that at a push I can say this is an acceptable price.
ESSIE - £7.99

Below we have Rimmel, Maybaline and REVLON - wich again everyone has tried, good quality and stays on the nails again for a long time, i personally love the wands on the Rimmel PRO as with just one slide they cover the whole nail without having to fill in the parts you previously missed. Rimmel nail polish is very affordable and has a good range of colours wich i believe cater for all ages, as does Maybeline and REVLON. I stole the Maybeline polish off my mam as I adore the colour as its a classic red with an orange undertone wich really makes the nails stand out and look really professional. I love my Revlon polish as I believe the formula is similar to ESSIE polish as it gives a very creamy appreance on the nails.

Hopefully my collection will soon increase, but untill next time...

x x x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

HUGE HAUL: holiday /duty free /topshop sale

Iv been spending like theirs no tomorrow lately, but what the hell, we are all entitled to a little splurge and spoil every now and then ;)

Everything purchased was bought over a period of weeks, I dont think my bank would be able to cope if it was all at once.

Were to start...

my routine on pay day seems to be occurring a lot lately, a speed walk to TOPSHOP and a little trip to Boots, however today TOPSHOP had a sale, now that says it all. As soon as i walked in I spotted a few items i needed in my life.....
shorts - £12.00
Necklace - £6.00 reduced from £12.00          Earings - £2.00 reduced from £4.00

 Blouse - £18.00 reduced from £32.00

Its sad I know, but instead of looking forward to jetting off on my holidays, my excitement always lies in the duty free section in the airport. Iv been eyeing up the YSL rouge volupte lipsticks, the packaging is amazing, I feel so glamorous pulling it out of my purse, however this hasn't happened too often, as I dernt run out of this £24.00 lipstick, however in duty free it was roughly £19.00 so that put a bigger smile on my face. I have to say the rush of excitement after buying it felt good, so when that ran out I felt the need to purchase a YSL lip stain just to keep me extra happy.

When putting the lip stain to the test, after eating my burger king the lip stain had remained on my lips, that's all i could ask for to be honest.

Channel illusion d'ombre - emerveille
Champagne peach colour, doesn't crease and gives a lovely sparkle to the eyelid. I tend to wear this eyeshadow as an every day look, I feel it gives my eyes that little bit more appeal

Before holiday I was in search of the perfect tinted moisturiser, however I didn't want to pay much, that didn't seem to last long when a women almost pulled me onto a chair and started applying laura mercier products to my face. I instantly fell in love with the duey highlighted look it gave my skin and just to escape her I bought it. This tinted moisturiser is perfect for me, it gives great coverage and doesn't feel to cakey or heavy on the skin. In the hot weather it stayed on my skin great and helped cover the redness of my burns.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser- £33.00

YAYY i finally went to John Lewis and bought the Liz Earle cleanse & polish. its took a while yes but wow this stuff is amazing. Leaves my skin feeling so soft, clean and like i have just walked out of the spa. Leaving a lovely fresh after smell I definitely recommend this product and will be re purchasing it when I run out.


OPI Spiderman Collection - Just Spotted the Lizard £11.00

TOPSHOP Cream Blush - Head over Heels - £6.00

KORRES Lip Butter in MANGO
A tinted lip balm, very creamy and moisturising on the lips, leaving behind a very subtle peach colour

RING - £3.50

We have come to the end of the HUGE HAUL, im so happy with all my purchases and dont think ill be spending for a while now, let my bank rest.

x x x