Monday, 30 April 2012

MAC Collection

We all love MAC! i am absolutely addicted!
If only it was more affordable, I would literally have everything in the store, I really do envy all you girls who can go and buy about 10 things all at once :( 

 I cannot actually express my love for it right now. I haven't really been that into makeup, however the past few months the more vlogs/blogs I seem to read the more my passion has grew.

In my collection so far I have 9 lipsticks, I feel the lipsticks are worth the money, however I want to invest in a blush palette but their so so expensive, and especially being a student its hard :(
 I also invested in a foundation which i also think is good for the money, as it lasts for months.

I am so excited about the new collection that has just been launched, although their isn't anything that has caught my eye, I just want to purchase something just for the packaging :(
I have recently just got two more lipsticks, watch me simmer- from the shop mac cook mac collection and Reel Sexy - Reel Sexy collection

My other lipsticks are creme D'nude, Costa Chic, Hue, Russian Red, Diva, impassioned and So Chaud.....this is not a big enough collection to me, I think until I have every single one, i will then be satisfied (and very poor) 
I also have a lip liner in 'Cherry' love the colour, but don't particularly like the feeling when being applied, the pencil almost scratches the lip, i do not like
 Studio Fix Fluid - NC15-the palest shade, although this is still to orangey :(

So after thinking this over (for a few hours) i have came to the conclusion that 'so chaud' is my favourite red, i love how it has an orange tone to it as i think it makes the colour stand out much more on the lips. 
 'Special Delivery'
After ripping open my delivery bag that i had been waiting so long for, I reached for 'watch me simmer' put it straight on my lips and fell in love, what can i say the colour is amazing and perfect for the summer....if it ever comes. The colour is a Coral pink and I have been searching for a colour like this for so so  long, I am very tempted to buy another as its limited edition!!!!!!! I am also in love with 'Reel Sexy'  a peach colour ,and again a colour i have been looking for. I'm still currently saving my pennies for more MAC as I'm dying to try a blush and perhaps also another lipstick ;)

x x x x x

Saturday, 21 April 2012

London + Orange Circle HAUL

Its not often I take a little trip to London, so why not have a little splurge ;) especially if the shops are bigger, better and not even in Sunderland!! I have to say TOPSHOP was what my heart was set on.....and it was AMAZING, i think i almost forgot to take a breath when i walked in.
My flatmates i think were dreading this long awaited visit as they knew they would be waiting around hours for me, but as soon as i went in i picked up 2 items i needed in my life and i was done.....well, untill an hour before we had to leave i ran back and picked up a few more items ;)
Vintage Scarf - £25.00
Grey over sized top - £10.00
Freedom Nail Ring - £4.00
Round Glasses - £16.00
Bowler Hat - £25.00
I ran back at last minute to get my glasses and top!!! i fell in love when i put them on...

I then went to Blitz, a vintage shop in Brick Lane, it was amazing, I grabbed 2 scarfs for £5.00....
I'm wearing the other one :) .....
So i then stumbled across American Apparel!!! i find all the clothes so expensive, for instance my Disco Pants were £70.00, however i am completely in love with them and seem to find i am always wearing them. However i have found a little scratch on the black button, which silver is now peeping through, i am not pleased!! Iv heard many good reviews about the nail varnishes so when i saw them all i had to purchase one!
I wanted a nail varnish that i probably couldn't find in any other shop, i thought this was so nice and it stood out straight away, I love all the different colours and how sparkly it is and it looks fab on the nails!!

So seems as thought SELFRIDGES isn't in Sunderland or anywhere close i thought id have a look at all the amazing makeup. iv heard so much about the channel foundation so i asked the women if i could get a tester so ill have to try that out and see how it looks as my MAC foundations is slightly orangey on my skin :(
I absolutely adore MAC, especially the lipstick. iv been wanting DIVA for ages so i bought it :
 I have been wanting a backpack for SO long, iv literally looked every were and had no success. So when i walked into Urban Outfitters and found this in the sale for £20.00 i new i had to get it. i love the floral pattern so much and the brown leather as i think it makes it look really vintage.
I went into H&M as i thought seems as thought i never find anything back in Sunderland, their may be some hope for me in London. I stumbled across this blouse, however i couldn't find it in a size 8 so i got it in size 14 so that i could wear it quite loose and baggy. I love how its so light weight and plain as i think it would look amazing in the summer and on holiday. I think the crochet pattern really helps add character to a dull outfit and it was only £10.00!

So iv seen a few people talk about Orange Circle before so i thought id go and see what its all about. Orange Circle are a company that print designs onto t shirts. They do a wide range of designs from sugar skulls to the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows symbol. After flicking through pages of so many designs i found two that i really wanted. I had been looking for a top with a peace sign on for ages and when i found this one i had to buy it, especially it being £13.49, which is the price range for most tops, which i think is really reasonable. 

Moustache designs and prints are really in this season, especially in topshop were i have noticed a lot of jewelry with them on. Therefore i was really attracted to the design on the t shirt and also purchased this one. Delivery is really fast, i got mine within 4 days. I also wanted them really over sized so i purchased them both in men's medium, however when trying them on i noticed they were a little too over sized :( so i may cut the bottom.

The quality of the fabric i find to be really good, within most t shirt tops the fabric seems really thin, however i think that these are really thick and the print doesn't fade after washing, which is always a result.
If you'd like to check the tops out which i think you should the link is just below :) enjoy browsing

x x x x xx

A trip to London

I really do think i was born in the wrong part of England, after coming home from London recently I look around and see everything so different....OK maybe its not that dramatic but i really do notice a change whenever coming home from somewhere else. I feel in London you can be who you want, dress in whatever clothes you dare and yet not one person walks past and casts a stare. However as soon as i step off the coach into Sunderland the whole world seems to stare at my recent London bowler hat!!! i may have got called Charlie Chaplin walking down Piccadilly Circus but nevertheless.

I very much dislike reality once experiencing so much change. I love the busy streets and how everything is alive no matter what time it is, the gorgeous items of clothing walking down the street and the famous sights. I really would love to live in the city and be amongst all the fashion.
Never mind, for now I'm still only taking my first step, I'm sure their will be more to come in the future.

London was exactly what i needed, bought some amazing things and definitely have some amazing memories

 x x x