Monday, 25 June 2012


Long time no speak...................
yes its been a while and in that time I have managed to jet off to Cyprus and move back home for the holidays.
I recently just got back from Paphos in Cyprus, had such an amazing holiday apart from my skin becoming almost fried and waking up the next morning with ' sun poisining' I had a pretty fun week.

From travelling to the capital of Cyprus (Nicosia) to scuba diving, the week was full of amazing things. I finally experienced the feet in the fish tank experiance haha I'm not to sure what its called, but all I can say is I was constantly laughing so much at the little fish tickling my toes, my feet felt so soft after being in the tank for 15 minutes. I definitely recommend it for dry feet as it really helps refreshen them. 

Yeah so my experience with the sun wasn't so fun, I have the palest skin in the world and so as soon as i am exposed to the sun I turn bright red and burn so easy, well ... me being me I decided to not put lotion on my face and woke up the next morning with a swollen face. I could barely recognise myself, it was awfull. I had to live like this for 3 days...too long if you ask me. After endlessly applying Aloe Vera to my face it eventually went back to normal.

On the final night we were lured into a Chinese restaurant by the brightly coloured fairy lights and authentic appearance.

Scuba diving was definitely an experience, however i cant particularly say i experienced it. After pulling on the wet suit and getting fitted up with the oxygen tank, only an hour later I was pulling it back off. The training was so difficult, i wouldn't say it was easy, as i kept panicking and not having the confidence, however Sean carried on without me and enjoyed a whole new world under sea that i can only see on photos on google.

Dress - TOPSHOP around £35
Glasses - TOPSHOP - £16.00
Necklace- Accesorize - £6.00
Headband - NEW LOOK - £5.00

Back to reality now, cold weather, early morning trips to work and zero money.
what a uplifting way to end the blog

until next time.....
 x x x

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