Monday, 5 March 2012

A new face


My very first post and i'm stuck for ideas. I guess that's not good, considering i'm wanting to write blogs. So i'll just start with why im here: recently i've been addicted to logging straight on to youtube and watching my favourite vloggers makeup tutorials and hauls; i think they're so inspiring and fun to watch. 

  I've often wanted to make my own vlogs but i hate the sound of my own voice; it always seems to sound so disgusting when listening to it back. So perhaps blogging is a much easier way to express my love of fasion and beauty.
Before we start, perhaps I should tell you that TOPSHOP and MAC are the two loves of my life. I cannot simply tell you how much i adore the two. If my budget allowed, I would buy all their products and live a happy life. Actually, i can't complain. My wardrobe is a TOPSHOP overload. There is barely another brand sitting in my wardrobe. I love how their clothes always change. I see TOPSHOP as a very current brand, at the centre of high street fashion. Fashion, for me is something that one can express themselves with. Your clothes are perhaps the first thing people notice about you. Wearing that new coat, or new pair of shoes really has a positive influence on the way you feel. Well, for me this is the case. I feel the same about MAC. They're a luxury brand, which sadly my student budget can not always stretch to. Okay, well that's not completely true, I do own 4 of their lipsticks. In the future I will blog about my next purchases from MAC.

After sitting with my 2 flatmates for the last hour, attempting to think of an inspiring name for my blog, I guess 'Forever Seeking Alice' has been born.
Photography is also a passion of mine, so expect lots of abstract and remind pictures!
So, until next time...


  1. I look forward to your future blog posts :)
    You should definitely post OOTDs because I always loved your style in college xx

    1. aww thankyou :)
      hopefully my blogs will become much better when i retrieve my camera from home and start getting some pictures up
      x x x x