Saturday, 26 May 2012

A little may haul

Rings - £6.50 & £4.00 TOPSHOP

Collar Tips - EBAY £5.00

Flower Headband - NEW LOOK - £5.00

Mint coloured crop top - TOPSHOP - £6.00

ESSIE nail polish - £8.00
So i gave in and tried a ESSIE nail polish and i must say it really did surprise me. Its almost creamy on the nails and very glossy and shiny. I briefly overhead a women in boots advertise this nail polish to a customer by saying it doesn't chip! and to be honest i didn't really believe this.....but it actually does not chip!!! i will definitely be purchasing a lot more of these polishes especially the famous ' mint candy apple' 

 TOPSHOP - £4.00

MAC Paint Pots - rubenesque - £14.00  ...i think

MAX FACTOR colour elixir lip liner £5.00

I'm forever travelling, and its a pain to carry a huge makeup bag therefore i popped into Primark and picked up a little Small floral makeup bag which was only £1.99

That's all for my little purchases of may

ill be out shopping soon so expect to see a few more hauls in the next few weeks

 x x x x x xx

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