Saturday, 12 May 2012

April favourites

So when watching you tube tutorials iv seen many people pulling out this EOS balm from their makeup bags, iv really been curious as to what their like and have been wanting to try one for a while, as i suffer from dry lips a lot. I believe that they are only available in America and therefore are so hard to find when living in the UK. I basically just searched for it on eBay and it was only £3.50, because i like scented products I thought i would get 'Summer Fruits'. The smell really does live up to its name, its so fruity and tastes amazing.

 I have also heard good reviews on Carmex lip balms, so I thought id also purchase one of these. This product also tastes amazing, it smells like vanilla in the pot, however once applied I feel it tastes and smells a lot different, it also makes the lips very tingly.

OK so iv been using the Studio Fix Fluid by MAC in NC15, however this shade is still orange on my skin, sometimes i really do hate having such pale skin. I queried a girl at my work to see what foundation she uses, she has such amazing skin and she recommended ' Estee Lauder - Double Wear in the shade SHELL. I went and got  a tester of the foundation before purchasing the bottle which is £26.50 i believe. I instantly fell in love, at first i was a bit sceptical as i didn't such much of a change but when in natural light, I noticed that my skin looked less orange and more of my own skin shade. I then couldn't say no to purchasing the bottle, however i seem to pour too much out onto my hand than needed, I may have to invest in a pump for this foundation. OH and I purchased the Expert Brush from the real TECHNIQUES range, I really wanted the buffing brush however I couldn't find it, I'm sure their almost identical ? I find this really does enhance my foundation as it makes it look much more flawless and less streaky from using just a flat brush. The brush was around £9.00

Basically I have been reading this book for a year, i purchased it before my holidays last year and read half, however then work started piling up and I forgot about it. I feel i need to finish this book once and for all this time! The Shining is my favourite film its just so unusual and the book is just to good, so now i have finished my first year of University and revision from exams, I feel I'm ready to finally finish the book!!! 
Found this beauty for £1.99!!!! when i believe its around £6.00, I bought it a few years ago and thought it made my hair smell so good, so at that price I couldn't go wrong.
Yes that's right i gave in and bought it!....and yes it definitely lives up to its expectations, however I think 'light' is way to orange for my skin and fair may be the colour for me.

oh and id really like to here what blogs you would like to read so please comment if theirs anything particular you would like to see
Bye for now
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