Monday, 2 July 2012

Nail Polish Collection

I dont particularly have a large amount of nail varnish, due to the fact that I work pretty much all the time and because of working with food etc nail varnish isnt allowed to be worn. Therfore when I do get to wear nail varnish, its literally for a day and then the remover makes an appearance.

My favourite brand of nail varnish has got to be O.P.I, however my collection is small, because of work I dont want to spend £11.00 on a nail varnish I wont wear much. £11.00 is pretty shocking for a nail varnish I must say, especially when it FLAKES OFF! yes thats right I purhcased my first ever O.P.I a while back now and was verry dissapointed in the quality of it. If im going to pay a lot for my nail varnishes I like them to be unique and different and to not chip! . ' I LILLY LOVE YOU' a pink glittery polish that instantly stood out to me, and was amazing on the nails, however within a few hours it would peel off, so that was verry dissapointing, and to be honest put me off buying O.P.I. Untill last christmas I purchased a mini bottle, it was duo chrome and lasted ages on my nails and therfore I purhcased ' JUST SPOTTED THE LIZARD' whilst on holiday wich I absoloutly love, infact it was my boyfriend that persuaded me to buy it.

 ' I Lilly Love You, Just Spotter The Lizard and at the front I have no idea its name as the sticker peeled off.

 Every girl I believe owns a BarryM nail varnish, if its not due to the wide range of colours then its down the quality and price. I believe the price is about £2.99 and a nail varnish this cheap you have to think it would chip, well i think everyone would agree that every nail varnish chips no matter what it reads on the lable, but the thing with BarryM is that it dosnt tend to chip untill a couple of days of wear, wich I can handle to be honest, as who wears a nail varnish for longer than a few days, a switch up is always good or else they tend to just look nasty!
Deffinitly a thumbs up for our trusty BarryM

 Like I said, when I come across a brand that costs a bit more than the average nail varnish then I like to purchase one thats slightly more unique and catches my eye, and this deffinitly does the job. I love how its so sparkly and glittery. The women in the shop (American Apparel) recommended it and said it was her favourite and now its became mine. This nail polish stays on, and I mean stays on! 10 minutes before work when I realised I hadnt taken it off, I grabbed my remover and was scrubbing this off for ages untill my fingers/nails were sore. So if your looking to purchase a glitter polish that will not come of then this is your best buy!

 American Apparel - £7.99

I only have one ESSIE nail polish in my collection, but I will deffinilty be purhcashing a lot more when I next bump into an ESSIE stand. The creamy glossy look it gives on the nails is so nice and I picked a neutral pale colour that would look nice day to day. This lasts a long time on the nails without chipping wich is always a bonus, and I feel the quality is just amazing. At a price of around £7.99 i feel that at a push I can say this is an acceptable price.
ESSIE - £7.99

Below we have Rimmel, Maybaline and REVLON - wich again everyone has tried, good quality and stays on the nails again for a long time, i personally love the wands on the Rimmel PRO as with just one slide they cover the whole nail without having to fill in the parts you previously missed. Rimmel nail polish is very affordable and has a good range of colours wich i believe cater for all ages, as does Maybeline and REVLON. I stole the Maybeline polish off my mam as I adore the colour as its a classic red with an orange undertone wich really makes the nails stand out and look really professional. I love my Revlon polish as I believe the formula is similar to ESSIE polish as it gives a very creamy appreance on the nails.

Hopefully my collection will soon increase, but untill next time...

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  1. Wow you have such a lovely collection of nail varnishes!
    Very cute tin too :)
    I love your blog, I'm a new follower!