Saturday, 21 April 2012

London + Orange Circle HAUL

Its not often I take a little trip to London, so why not have a little splurge ;) especially if the shops are bigger, better and not even in Sunderland!! I have to say TOPSHOP was what my heart was set on.....and it was AMAZING, i think i almost forgot to take a breath when i walked in.
My flatmates i think were dreading this long awaited visit as they knew they would be waiting around hours for me, but as soon as i went in i picked up 2 items i needed in my life and i was done.....well, untill an hour before we had to leave i ran back and picked up a few more items ;)
Vintage Scarf - £25.00
Grey over sized top - £10.00
Freedom Nail Ring - £4.00
Round Glasses - £16.00
Bowler Hat - £25.00
I ran back at last minute to get my glasses and top!!! i fell in love when i put them on...

I then went to Blitz, a vintage shop in Brick Lane, it was amazing, I grabbed 2 scarfs for £5.00....
I'm wearing the other one :) .....
So i then stumbled across American Apparel!!! i find all the clothes so expensive, for instance my Disco Pants were £70.00, however i am completely in love with them and seem to find i am always wearing them. However i have found a little scratch on the black button, which silver is now peeping through, i am not pleased!! Iv heard many good reviews about the nail varnishes so when i saw them all i had to purchase one!
I wanted a nail varnish that i probably couldn't find in any other shop, i thought this was so nice and it stood out straight away, I love all the different colours and how sparkly it is and it looks fab on the nails!!

So seems as thought SELFRIDGES isn't in Sunderland or anywhere close i thought id have a look at all the amazing makeup. iv heard so much about the channel foundation so i asked the women if i could get a tester so ill have to try that out and see how it looks as my MAC foundations is slightly orangey on my skin :(
I absolutely adore MAC, especially the lipstick. iv been wanting DIVA for ages so i bought it :
 I have been wanting a backpack for SO long, iv literally looked every were and had no success. So when i walked into Urban Outfitters and found this in the sale for £20.00 i new i had to get it. i love the floral pattern so much and the brown leather as i think it makes it look really vintage.
I went into H&M as i thought seems as thought i never find anything back in Sunderland, their may be some hope for me in London. I stumbled across this blouse, however i couldn't find it in a size 8 so i got it in size 14 so that i could wear it quite loose and baggy. I love how its so light weight and plain as i think it would look amazing in the summer and on holiday. I think the crochet pattern really helps add character to a dull outfit and it was only £10.00!

So iv seen a few people talk about Orange Circle before so i thought id go and see what its all about. Orange Circle are a company that print designs onto t shirts. They do a wide range of designs from sugar skulls to the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows symbol. After flicking through pages of so many designs i found two that i really wanted. I had been looking for a top with a peace sign on for ages and when i found this one i had to buy it, especially it being £13.49, which is the price range for most tops, which i think is really reasonable. 

Moustache designs and prints are really in this season, especially in topshop were i have noticed a lot of jewelry with them on. Therefore i was really attracted to the design on the t shirt and also purchased this one. Delivery is really fast, i got mine within 4 days. I also wanted them really over sized so i purchased them both in men's medium, however when trying them on i noticed they were a little too over sized :( so i may cut the bottom.

The quality of the fabric i find to be really good, within most t shirt tops the fabric seems really thin, however i think that these are really thick and the print doesn't fade after washing, which is always a result.
If you'd like to check the tops out which i think you should the link is just below :) enjoy browsing

x x x x xx

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