Saturday, 21 April 2012

A trip to London

I really do think i was born in the wrong part of England, after coming home from London recently I look around and see everything so different....OK maybe its not that dramatic but i really do notice a change whenever coming home from somewhere else. I feel in London you can be who you want, dress in whatever clothes you dare and yet not one person walks past and casts a stare. However as soon as i step off the coach into Sunderland the whole world seems to stare at my recent London bowler hat!!! i may have got called Charlie Chaplin walking down Piccadilly Circus but nevertheless.

I very much dislike reality once experiencing so much change. I love the busy streets and how everything is alive no matter what time it is, the gorgeous items of clothing walking down the street and the famous sights. I really would love to live in the city and be amongst all the fashion.
Never mind, for now I'm still only taking my first step, I'm sure their will be more to come in the future.

London was exactly what i needed, bought some amazing things and definitely have some amazing memories

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