Monday, 30 April 2012

MAC Collection

We all love MAC! i am absolutely addicted!
If only it was more affordable, I would literally have everything in the store, I really do envy all you girls who can go and buy about 10 things all at once :( 

 I cannot actually express my love for it right now. I haven't really been that into makeup, however the past few months the more vlogs/blogs I seem to read the more my passion has grew.

In my collection so far I have 9 lipsticks, I feel the lipsticks are worth the money, however I want to invest in a blush palette but their so so expensive, and especially being a student its hard :(
 I also invested in a foundation which i also think is good for the money, as it lasts for months.

I am so excited about the new collection that has just been launched, although their isn't anything that has caught my eye, I just want to purchase something just for the packaging :(
I have recently just got two more lipsticks, watch me simmer- from the shop mac cook mac collection and Reel Sexy - Reel Sexy collection

My other lipsticks are creme D'nude, Costa Chic, Hue, Russian Red, Diva, impassioned and So Chaud.....this is not a big enough collection to me, I think until I have every single one, i will then be satisfied (and very poor) 
I also have a lip liner in 'Cherry' love the colour, but don't particularly like the feeling when being applied, the pencil almost scratches the lip, i do not like
 Studio Fix Fluid - NC15-the palest shade, although this is still to orangey :(

So after thinking this over (for a few hours) i have came to the conclusion that 'so chaud' is my favourite red, i love how it has an orange tone to it as i think it makes the colour stand out much more on the lips. 
 'Special Delivery'
After ripping open my delivery bag that i had been waiting so long for, I reached for 'watch me simmer' put it straight on my lips and fell in love, what can i say the colour is amazing and perfect for the summer....if it ever comes. The colour is a Coral pink and I have been searching for a colour like this for so so  long, I am very tempted to buy another as its limited edition!!!!!!! I am also in love with 'Reel Sexy'  a peach colour ,and again a colour i have been looking for. I'm still currently saving my pennies for more MAC as I'm dying to try a blush and perhaps also another lipstick ;)

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