Wednesday, 12 September 2012

all things new / london haul

Iv been a very busy bee lately bloggers.

Iv recently moved into my new pad for the start of my second year at uni. I love my room and I'm hoping this year is the start of something new.

Bunting and Cath Kidston cushions for an ebay seller. I think they add a great shabby chic look to my room.

Iv been allover the place the past week from many restaurants in Sunderland to shopping in London.

A friend of mine who I havnt seen in a while popped up from nowere, and ever since we have been hanging out. I feel I have done so much the past week, perfect end to the summer.

I'v been spending way to much as usual so no suprise their. I woke up today with a text telling me my dr martens were to be delivered  at 12! I ripped open my rather large package and was verry pleased with the contents.
I love things that are unique, and I'v never seen dr martens quite like this before
So after trying a pair on in London i searched the website for some and found these for £70 in sale!!!!

me and benson at Camden Market

London is deffinitly somewhere i could see myself living in the future, i absoloutly love it. everything about london intrests me and its deffinitly not boring.
Dress- TOPSHOP - £36
Hat- TOPSHOP- £25
Urban Outfitters - was £50  but in the sale for £20 so I HAD to buy

So a friend of mine at work suggested i go to Liberty as to my surprise they have a NARS counter!!
I know NARS is expensive but to be honest, when a counter is nowere near were you live you feel more tempted to purchase something...and thats exactly what I did.
 Nars - deep throat £22

Iv been wanting a new pair of VANS as my others have gone slightly old and messy wich isnt a bad thing but I guess I just like a change every now and then.
burgandy is such a great colour at the moment and everyone seems to be loving it so I purchased these They came with black laces, wich at first I wasnt so fond off, however I think they look quite cool now.

Its getting to the point in the blog post were I realise how much money iv spent haha oh dear.

I'v been using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for a while, and it really is the best foundation i have ever used. It matches my skin tone perfect and it lasts on the skin seriously for about 2 days. The only thing is on days were i want to look more natural and have something lighter on my face this foundation dosnt make it possible. However iv heard a lot of good things about Laura Mercier silk creme foundation so I thought id give it a go as its supposed to leave the skin very glowy and natural. It deffinitly does this but I can say it does not last long. it starts to crack on the skin and you can see it breaking up..not nice, therfore I wear this foundation when im just nipping out.

TOPSHOP shirt - £36

TOPSHOP blazer coat with faux fur detachable collar - £110

yes verry expensive :(

Headscarf - ASOS marketplace - £12

Iv bought so much more but I think that may have to be in anouther blog post soon  or else this will go on forever.

hope youv all had a good summer

much love
x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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  1. That dress looks so lovely on you!
    I've just bought it from the Topshop sale and it's in my most recent haul!
    Love the Topshop coat, the vans and your uni room looks so cute! :)