Saturday, 19 January 2013

Michael Kors


Right its been to long bloggers, I have had a tough few months with university work and other life stresses but iv ignored you guys for far to long, I do apologise ;)

 Due to being stressed out, theirs only one thing that cheers me up and that's spending, I cant deny its not an addiction, but it definitely cheers me up.

First of all I'm going to mention the best thing in my life right now, seriously....

 Michael Kors - MK5128
£194 on Watch Shop however originally £230

I absolutely love love love this watch, its so beautiful and although I'm so happy when i look down at my watch i feel so guilty that i spent so much. I think that this watch is timeless and the colour is just so pretty, when the light catches it, it looks so glamorous.

I'm not one to 'fit in with the crowd' but this watch however really caught my eye, and really just makes any outfit look more spohisticated and classy.

As soon as you lift the watch out of the box you can feel straight away the quality as its heavy but not too heavy that its a pain to wear.

The watch itself was to big which I expected, so i had to have six links taken out, the watch now is literally tiny, damn my skinny wrists.

All i can say is if your thinking of purchasing this watch..DO IT!  its definitely something that you'll keep forever and although its pretty damn expensive, its worth it.

speak soon...and I promise I will this time......

x x x x x

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