Thursday, 28 March 2013

An unhealthy obsession: makeup + chocolate


I haven't bought anything but lipstick lately, its an unhealthy obsession I must agree, however for a long time now I have been wanting an easy every day eyeshadow. 
Personally, I don't feel eyeshadow particularly suits me, however I still went ahead and about the naked palette.....and the second..but nevertheless I still felt I wanted a colour with a bit more sparkle. MAC released a few paint pots in a collection last year, however I didn't get round to buying any of them. 
I then noticed that they had re launched some new paint pots from the same collection, and one really stood out to me.....

Vintage Selection - £16.00 

subtle sparkly champagne colour

The paint pot was not enough to satisfy my makeup craving so I went and bought a lipstick.....

MAC Rebel - £14.00

PS... I baked today

chocolate brownies

A week of essays and revision is planned for the next few days so I'm hoping to write some more blogs soon, keep y'all posted.


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