Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Foundation + New Boots


I'm home, and the end of second year at University is approaching fast. 
I have neglected you once again, but this week I have had numerous people ask me about my foundation and advice on good products, this therefore inspired me to write a blog on foundations I am loving.

(excuse the mess)


OK, first up please put your hands together for Estee Lauder's Double wear in the color 'Shell'
I completley swear by this foundation and anyone who is looking for a pale yet matte foundation this is deffinitly the one to choose. The coverage is amazing, however once buffed into the skin it will last for about 2 days! seriously (dont ask why i went 2 days without washing but i did).
I could dip my face in water and my skin would still look flawless, this foundation is like cement (in a good way) it just does not move.

At work due to working in the kitchen sometimes, the heat seriously causes the skin to become slightly greasy, however I do not have to worry when wearing this.
This cost roughly £28.00 however it is worth every penny, leaves no shine and has a wide color range so pale skin girls your searching is over.


Another beautiful foundation however like it says in the name 'sheer glow' therefore gives a duey look on the skin.
 I prefer to wear this foundation when going out for the day , although this foundation lasts long, it starts to go patchy after around 6 hours. The color however is not as pale as I would like and therefore isn't my first choice everyday.  This foundation is £30.50 which i think is expensive however the name says it all. 


Right first of i was really excited to buy this foundation as i have the tinted moisturizer which is amazing. HOWEVER... i hateeeee this foundation!!! seriously what is up with it?!  this foundation just does not agree with my skin, i have used a buffing brush to try and work it into my skin however it just seems to sit on top and starts to move around all day. Yes it gives a nice glow to the skin however it just feels like cream that has not settled into the skin which i hate!
I have heard really good reviews about this foundation that's why im so disappointing with the outcome. I wont be re purchasing this especially as it cost £33.00 


stress and worry has seriously got to me the past few weeks, thanks uni ;)

Glancing around Topshop and i spot these beautys...

Topshop Black Ankle Boots £75.00

This boots are so comfy and I really like the way they look on me. With a slight heel they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Their really strong and tough so I feel they will last me a long time, however its topshop....their quality is pretty shit for the price you pay.

untill next time ...


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