Friday, 25 January 2013

Saturday Inspiration - CHARLOTEE FREE


Charlotte Free


Fashion inspires everyone, so every Saturday I'm going to try and post a blog on what is currently inspiring me. I will be talking about fashion, beauty and people that are inspiring me and my style.
Hopefully some of you guys can tell me what you are currently loving.

Lately i stumbled across Charlotte Free...My god she is beautiful. I think her style is amazing and so unique, I absolutely love quirky unusual styles and she definitely expresses this.

I absolutely love watching this video

(I am so tempted to dye my hair pink!!!!!)

I love how she combines so many colours and experiments a lot with patterns and textures. I really feel her items of clothing pop out and really catch your eye. She always seems very expressionless, I love this as its really mysterious and I love that you cant tell what shes thinking.

She expresses so much through her style, her facial expressions and her body language. I love how mysterious and interesting she is. Even within interviews you can notice straight away that theirs something different about her.

Is it strange that I love the pale look? Most girls seem to fashion the fake tan, but to be honest I really hate it. I think looking pale is so attractive and pairing it with a bright red lip looks so glam. 

Love Love Love the image below, looks so enchanted and fairytale like with the butterflies surrounding her, almost making her look weightless and angelic.


speak soon my lovelys

bye byeee


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