Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tartan and Sparkles

Oh gosh its been a while and I am sorry

America was amazing and I shall blog about that when I have a few hours to spare...its difficult to sum up 4 months of my life in a few paragraphs.

So for now lets talk fashion, beauty and Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, so ladies its time to pull out that big bundle of fur coats you have hiding behind all of your summer clothes and start wrapping up. Fur is such a statement at Christmas, whether its printed or simply teddy brown I think it can jazz up any outfit and keeps you so snug in the winter chills.

One of my most favorite patterns at Christmas/winter time has got to be the old school tartan look. I absolutely love it, I think it looks so edgy and its definitely a girls best friend. Paired with a red lip it is simply the best combination for me. Preferably MAC - RIRI WOO / RUBY WOO 

Velvet, another one of my favorite fabrics at Christmas as it compliments any outfit and looks so sophisticated. I am loving TOPSHOPS range right now, they have a great range of velvet dresses and tops of which i am dying to purchase...but for now I have settled with one

Scarf - urban outfitters - £16.00
Top- TOPSHOP- £36.00

What tops of a great outfit at Christmas time is definitely a few sparkles, whether it be glitter eye shadow or nails, this gives the party look to any outfit. Glitter leggings and tights are so in right head down town and pick these up!!!!!

Urban Outfitters leggings - 36

I seem to spend a lot of time in coffee shops over christmas, and i guess it dosnt help that I work in one either. However I LOVE Quilliam Brother Tea House in Newcastle. A friend of mine recently took me and we had cakes, tea and coffee and enjoyed chatting in the relaxing atmosphere. I love cute little coffee shops rather than Starbucks/Costa, I feel they are more personal and passionate towards customers/drinks and think less about the money.

Oh and I bought some DrMartens....I think these boots are great at winter.....I stood in the shop for around an hour deciding whether to choose red or black. 

Black it was...basic, original and most of all.......classic.

£72.00 with 20% off YAY

much love    xoxox

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