Saturday, 19 January 2013

Zara Haul


So for weeks iv been deciding which Zara bag to purchase, iv been wanting a Zara bag for a while now however never really got round to searching for an exact bag. Since the zip on my topshop bag has broke I thought this is the perfect time to spend some money.

I went shopping with my mam to the metro and I knew they had a Zara store, so I had a feeling they would stock some bags in. However when I got their, there was literally no bags but the obvious one .... 'The Plaited Shopper Bag' which literally iv heard so much about. I had watched many you tube reviews on this bag as because it was so much money I wanted to know it was going to be worth it.

Zara shopper bag £80

In store the bag was really big and I fell in love with it immediately, however what really annoys me about this bag and please tell me if you have the same problem, but the bag inside doesn't attach very well to the sides of the bag, it is forever falling out which really annoys the crap out of me. 
Also what I think is a disadvantage of the bag is the long strap. The main reason i bought this bag was because i wanted to wear the long strap with it, however when a few things are in the bag the strap literally wont hold it and it scares me that it will snap.
The bag is very structured and perfect when I'm taking loads of books to the library as the buffalo leather is so strong and doesn't budge.
I'm not as in love with this bag as I thought I was going to be, which is very disappointing but I guess ill make do. 

I then bought the Zara basic bag, now i actually love this one so so much.

Zara - £40

 I love this bag!!!! HOWEVER the strap again doesn't look like it will hold well. SERIOUSLY, what is up with Zara bags!!!!! I think the colour is so pretty, its a dark red, slightly brown colour which I think goes really well with most outfits of mine. I also love the gold hardware as it adds character to the bag. I definitely prefer this bag to the shopper bag which I think most people will disagree haha.

I dont think I will be buying anymore bags anytime soon

speak soon

x x x x x x x

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