Wednesday, 18 December 2013

lets get NAKED!!


The NAKED 2 was obviously too much to handle for us makeup lovers, so with that Urban Decay have released, (personally) their best palette to date.

I am addicted to it, and to be honest its not hard to see why when you open up that shimmery rose gold packaging.

I was shopping on Oxford Street in London when I thought a quick look in Debenhams wouldn't be of any harm. I glanced over at the Urban Decay stand and was shocked to see a full row of NAKED 3 palettes, IS THIS REAL ?! ARE THEY FAKE!! ... and most importantly CAN I BUY ONE ?
The guy laughed as I stood their in utter shock and excitement, I quickly grabbed for one, cradling it like a new baby! oh my word it was beautiful.

With the NAKED 1, I feel the colors where to dark for my complexion, and with the NAKED 2 the colors where pretty much all taupe and didn't really stand out that much for me. However the NAKED 1 AND 2 both had great highlight colors, saying that the NAKED 3 lacks a shimmery highlight which sucks for my brow bones.


However with the NAKED 3 the colors are unreal! all with a rosy pink undertones, so it looks so flattering on pale skin. The colors are very build-able, and all compliment each other very well. No matter what colors you mix and match together it will always work and give you a great look.

 The palette comes with a double ended eye shadow brush and a mini Primer Potion. As always Urban Decay never fail to impress and surprise us with their insanely pigmented eye shadows, so if you like rose and pinky colors then you would go crazy for this palette.
It retails for £37.00 and you can purchase it from Debenhams, Urban Decay website and John Lewis. 

I took swatches of each palette just so you can see the color difference in each of the pallets and how different they are.


The colors are pretty similar in both pallets, both with taupe and silvery gold colors.


As you can see the colors are much more pinky toned and glittery which I love. I think this pallet has came out at exactly the perfect time for Christmas. Whether your going to a few parties or catching up with friends over a coffee, this pallet suits all occasions. And with that little bit of shimmer and glitter it makes an outfit look so much more glamorous and christmassy.
 Their are only three matte colors and the rest very shimmery and glittery, so if your a girl that likes her matte makeup then this might not be your best friend.

When i was in London a few days ago i always always always seem to end up in TOPSHOP...I just don't understand how it happens!
So of course I bought some festive clothes. I love velvet this time of year it looks cosy and glamorous!!!

and obviously the NAKED 3 was in my purhcase - £36.00

London was so beautiful, I cant wait to move their so I can spend every Christmas walking down the streets full of sparkly lights and cheery people with mulled wine.

I spent a week working in High Kensington street doing some work experience. A lovely friend of mine let me stay at her house so we spent the week eating, drinking and shopping!!!

I bought 'I heart Christmas' for my travel to London. This book is so so good! I feel myself not being able to put it down once I have opened it up.

Its an easy, enjoyable read to get lost in over the Christmas period! Lindsey Kelk's writing style is so whitey and funny and its great to escape into when my days been shit.

She has another 5 books in her series....of which I now own all.

Have a good Christmas ....
expect a few blogs over Christmas



  1. great post! Naked 3 looks gorgeous. May be tempted x

  2. Awww thanks so much ! yes it is a lovely palette :)!! x x