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My work and travel America experience with BUNAC

hi, hope you are all well 

OK, where to begin...

So this summer I spent four months in America, working and travelling.

I will start of with how I found out about this opportunity, and my experience

A close friend of mine worked and travlled america the previous year and i was unaware of how he got the chance to do such an amazing thing. Throughout his time in America i would constantly see posts on his facebook of him in LA, Toronto and so many other amazing places.

I asked him the obvious ... was this like 'camp america' ? 
NO , NO it wasn't...

I would much rather be working in a shop or an amusement park than camping in the middle of nowhere with no shops around and no beach to go sunbathing in your spare time.

He told me one word, and with that one word i have taken full advantage of it...'BUNAC'.


Taking part in a BUNAC overseas work/volunteer program gives YOU the chance to live and work in a new and exciting country, doing something really worthwhile with your time off from work or studies.
BUNAC programs not only provide you with memories that will never be forgotten, but they provide an experience that can seem impossible.


I am currently in my third year of University studying for my Psychology degree, in the previous summer that I had off, I had 4 months spare.

I decided to sign up with BUNAC's work and travel america programme as america has always appealed to me and their are so many places that i wanted to see. I paid around £350 at the time, that allowed me to enter the job zone so that i could start sending my CV off to american companies. The jobs ranged from working at amusement parks to working on ranches. I then paid for my VISA and insurance. My return flights from London to JFK where 340 on STA travel. Wich is absolutely amazing. Check them out!

Numerous companies got back in touch with me however one stood out the most and that was 'Candy Kitchen'. Candy Kitchen is self explanatory really, a candy shop but was something like willy wonka's chocolate factory, they had everything. They just had one rule...we could eat it all...whenever we wanted. UHOH

I accepted the job of which was in MARYLAND, OCEAN CITY, a few hours away from NEW YORK. My friend Sam also accepted the job offer he received from them and so we flew out together. We spent a few days in NEW YORK, shopping and sight seeing and then we got a GREYHOUND to OCEAN CITY. When we arrived after 7 hours, we moved into our accommodation 'CASA MIA' which was right behind the candy kitchen shop I worked at. So it was brilliant on the days I overslept haha.

I started work on the 1st June and finished on the 2nd of September. I did three days out of the week working 14 hour shifts as I signed an over time contract to earn more money for travelling. It was tough but worth it. On the other days i worked either from 9am till 5pm or 5pm untill 12.30 am.

Throughout working at candy kitchen i made friends from allover the world who where also on student working visas. Candy kitchen was great and our manager was just the nicest, always willing to help and offer advice. Often she would bring in cakes and treats (not that we didn't have enough) for peoples birthdays.

This was seriously the nicest thing I have ever ate, I must of had around half to eat haha.

I don't think I will ever forget the friends I made, they where amazing and it was so cool learning about all their different cultures and learning some new languages. They where always their to help and so so kind. I miss them terribly, we where such a close family.
 Iv never had to say goodbye to a group of people knowing that I will never see them again, it was very difficult and so hard.

We shared some good times.......

Throughout working I took days off and went to Washington, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls and New Jersey to see maroon 5.

few snaps from WASHINGTON DC.

few snaps from PHILADELPHIA 




Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Los Angeles - Hollywood - Santa Monica Pier - San Fransisco - Alcatraz - New York

I am so in love with travelling, I don't think I will ever settle for normal life!

I will be leaving the UK for two years on august the 28th!!!
and moving to AUSTRALIA...on my own!
and then I am off to THAILAND!!!

click on the link and you can start your adventure...


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Your Welcome!!! it was amazing, glad your enjoying my blog....makes me very happy x xx